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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life Upon the Wicked Stage

That irrepressible impresario Jeff Kurtti has been at it again. Together with Disney Broadway producer (The Lion King, Mary Poppins, and the new stage production of The Little Mermaid) Thomas Schumacher, Jeff has co-written How Does the Show Go On? An Introduction to the Theater, published by Disney Editions. Though the book is touted as being for children it is also for anyone who loves the theater and wants to know more. The 125-page hardcover is much more than a book. It’s a beautifully designed (by Kasey Free of becker&meyer!) interactive experience, complete with artifacts, including a Broadway show ticket, a reproduction of The Lion King Playbill program, pages of the Tarzan script, costume designs and much more. There is also beautiful photography of all aspects of stage production as well as a splendid text. (Naturally the writing is splendid—I already said Jeff Kurtti is the co-writer. Aren’t you paying attention?) Over at the excellent 2719 Hyperion blog, Jeff Pepper has an interview with Mr. Kurtti about the book. Of course How Does the Show Go On? makes a terrific gift for anyone who doesn’t get to Broadway all that often or for anyone who does. You can get this fantastic volume here. P.S. Thomas Schumacher and Jeff Kurtti will have book signings on December 12 (in New York) and on December 13 (in Los Angeles) and will also be making more appearances. For more information and even more about the book go to its official website.


Ladytink_534 said...

I've always wanted to but I somehow have never managed to go to the theater and see a play even though I grew up near Atlanta in Georgia

Anonymous said...

wow! i grew up in new york and texas.