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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas in Disneyland

Here’s a delightful Giant Comic from December 1956 all about Christmas in Disneyland. The Disney characters on the cover are drawn by Tony Strobl, who also drew the interior wraparound story of Santa Claus taking Timmie and Taffy (no, really) to Disneyland as a Christmas treat. What I really like about the cover is the photograph of Sleeping Beauty Castle with the colorful Christmas tree nearby. One of my favorite Yuletide Disneyland images featured silvery Christmas trees displayed in Sleeping Beauty Castle moat. This Christmas, Disneyland presents a holiday makeover of the iconic centerpiece of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle. I was concerned when I first heard about this idea, as I’m leery of any plan to “enhance” the beautiful theme park castles. I’m sure you all remember the fiasco that resulted when Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle was transformed into a giant birthday cake, although you have tried to forget it. But I was pleasantly surprised with Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle. During the day Sleeping Beauty Castle is capped with snow but at night it’s transformed into a crystalline ice fantasy. Though I certainly wouldn’t want Disneyland's most important symbol obscured like this for long, it’s a nice wintry touch for Christmastime.

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