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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Funny-Animal Comics Have Nine Lives, Thanks To Garfield

With Disney comic-books apparently dead in the water in the US, the term "comic book"now refers, for the most part, to super heroes (an association that most people unfortunately already make). There is of course always Archie but funny-animal comics are practically non-existent...until now. Thanks to that hefty kitty Garfield, funny-animal comic books make a triumphant return. Garfield guru Mark Evanier tells the tale here, and he should know; Mark is writing these new feline four-color adventures. To celebrate, here is an article I wrote for Garfield Magzazine, detailing the behind-the-scenes process of creating the Garfield and Friends Saturday morning TV show (also written by the ever-prolific Evanier).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Buried Treasure For Easter

For today, Easter Sunday, here is another treasure, albeit a buried one—and so it seems appropriate to resurrect it for this day. This art of the risen Christ was actually created for the Ascension cover of Treasure Chest, dated May 11, 1961 (the day on which Ascension Thursday fell that year) but I liked its stylized yet almost primitive style for today. What was Treasure Chest? With its full title of Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact, this unusual comic book was published weekly on a September-June schedule for Catholic schools from 1946 through 1972. Though there were always stories about faith and saints and the like, there were adventure and humor stories, too, all told through the comic form. Look for more about Treasure Chest here in Tulgey Wood...and in the meantime, enjoy this no-longer buried art treasure for Easter. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

More Golden Art For Good Friday

Back here I posted some truly golden art from The Golden Bible: The New Testament, illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen, and again this year I offer more of the same for Good Friday 2012. This painting spotlights the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem at the start of Holy Week. Although that was Palm Sunday not Good Friday, this event began the long road to Calvary that week so it still seems appropriate...and the seemingly simple art illuminates the sacred happening just as an icon or stained glass windows might. Enjoy, and a good Good Friday to all.