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Sunday, March 31, 2013

More Art From The Treasure Chest Of Fun And Fact For Easter

For Easter Sunday, here's another cover from the little-known comic book entitled Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact. This cover, from the March 26, 1953 (volume 8, number 15) issue, portrays a nicely stylized artistic interpretation of the women (first witnesses to the Resurrection) being greeted by an angel at the empty tomb. Happy Easter, everyone!

Friday, March 29, 2013

More From The Treasure Chest Of Art

For Good Friday, here's another cover from the rare Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact comic book series. This cover, from the March 27, 1958 issue (Volume 12, Number 15), portrays the Way of the Cross in stylized form. I like the way it uniquely encapsulates so much of that fateful, faithful journey.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mickey And The Wearin' Of The Grin

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, here's a vintage photo of Mickey Mouse from a Disneyland Park parade, circa 1968. Though it's a black-and-white pic, rest assured that this Irish "mick" is wearing plenty of Emerald Isle green. It's fun to note that Mickey's Irish finery includes a shillelagh. Wonder if the parade music featured "I'll Always Be Irish"...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Are You Off To See The Wizard?

Today, March 8, brings the opening of the new Oz movie from Disney, Oz The Great and Powerful. To celebrate, here's a rare bit of Ozania from a rarely seen bit of Oz animation. It's the letterhead form the short-lived TV series Off to See the Wizard. This whimsical line art—elegantly enhanced with a spot of color in the form of the Yellow Brick Road—is based on the Chuck Jones-dessigned version of the beloved Oz characters seen in the television show (although the art here is actually more pleasing than the designs as realized on the show). Be sure and click the art for a larger view—and watch for much more OTSTW here at Tulgey Wood in the future.