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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Don't You Kind of Love December?

I've always imagined the wintery happenings of "Once Upon a Wintertime," a stylish segment of Walt Disney's "package film" Melody Time (1948) as happening in the days following December 25. We know from the lyrics of the lush title song (written by Bobby Worth and and Ray Gilbert, and sung by Frances Langford) that the fun and unexpectedly adventurous sleigh-ride-and-skating jaunt of Jenny and Joe takes place in December, and their romantic excursion seems just the thing for a quiet Yuletide afternoon. The stylish design of "Once Upon a Wintertime" is courtesy of Mary Blair, and the charming 1950 Little Golden Book based on the animated short was illustrated by the equally stylish Disney artist Tom Oreb. Blair and Oreb are a treat for any fan of Disney, design or illustration, so have a cup of cocoa and enjoy the artistry of this Little Golden Book cover.


Ladytink_534 said...

This is one of my favorite sequences from that film. I love how the colors change for the moods and the almost abstract look of the animation.

-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

I remember watching the cartoon version of this book when I was a child and thinking that Christmas was really here. This is a fabulous treasure, thank you for sharing!

Ana said...

Thank you for sharing this treasure. It was only in my memory for 22 years, up to just now. I was determined and have spent a good part of the day searching for any sign of this romantic winter cartoon. Your blog is amazing! God bless.