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Monday, October 1, 2018

Welcome, Foolish Mortals, To The Countdown To Halloween 2018

Happy October 1st! The first day of the spooky season not only means the start to the 2018 Countdown to Halloween, it also means the anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World Resort on October 1, 1971. To mark that occasion here's a 1972 post card of the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom Park. Different from its Disneyland Park predecessor, this "spook house" is an elegant yet somehow foreboding structure, designed in the Gothic style of 18th century homes in New York's Hudson River Valley in order to integrate the attraction into its Liberty Square location. While you gaze upon its stately yet slightly sinister beauty, welcome. To regular visitors, good to see you again and I hope you like treats I toss in your goodie bag. No rocks, I promise. To new visitors—Tulgey Wood is full of surprises, treats and even a few spooky tricks, so I hope you enjoy wandering through the madness. Be sure and visit the other blogs participating in this Halloween blogathon. These dedicated "crypt keepers" have set glowing and cleverly carved jack-o-lanterns on their front porches so be sure and knock on their doors. (But be aware that some of these blogs focus on the more horrific side of this holiday, and may also include strong language and mature themes.) Most of all, be sure and stop by throughout the month right through October 31st itself as we Countdown to Halloween 2018 here at Tulgey Wood.

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