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Monday, October 8, 2018

Uncle Scrooge, Trick-Or-Treater

Have you tricked-or-treated at any of the other "Cryptkeepers" participating in the Countdown to Halloween 2018 blogathon? There is some cool candy to be had because the bloggers a-bloggin' in this blogathon are the spookiest on the block. When it comes to tricks and treats (as the Peanuts kids would say), Uncle Scrooge is after candy of the gold kind, and it's not candy corn. In this cover by William Van Horn from Uncle Scrooge # 7 (actually #411) October 2015, the miserly McDuck may be costumed as a clown This cover is the great tradition of covers (established by Carl Barks, of course) of Scrooge taking great joy in money, so it's a fun idea to add Halloween into the mix. The issue also includes a story perfect for the spooky season: "Mummy Fearest" (originally from 1977 but never before published in the US), written and drawn by the legendary Romano Scarpa, with translation/dialog by the great Joe Torcivia. You can discover more about this scary-season story at Joe's excellent blog

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