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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Miss Piggy, Colorforms Glamor Puss

Once upon a time at least, Colorforms was a primo licensee, creating all kinds of celebratory play sets centering on Disney, Snoopy, Marvel (Spider-man), DC (Superman) and more. In 1981, Colorforms started releasing a wonderful line of Muppets toys and sets starring the white-hot troupe of fuzzy and furry players. Everything was of course created in associate n with Jim Henson and the Muppets Worksop, this assuring imagination, "play value" and quality. One of their most creative (and unusual for Colorforms) releases was the Miss Piggy Paper Doll. The Muppet Workshop created six different outrageous outfits (as well as six fashion wigs) for that glam gal Piggy (a large 16 inch Stand Up Doll) to wear. These were real costumes that were photographed to be placed on the Miss Piggy "paper" doll (an actual photograph, not a drawing or painting); as Colorforms put it, "Miss Piggy, herself, modeled all the fashions in-person." This is believed to be the first paper doll to ever use a photographic image as the doll, as opposed to an illustrated figure. Piggy's Theatrical Trunk on the back of the package (also a real object that was photographed) served as an envelope to hold the dresses and wigs; look closely (as always click on the image for a larger view) at the trunk's travel stickers, also created by the Muppet Workshop, and you'll see some fun touches, such as the patch from "Frogstaff," Arizona.  Enjoy this classic Colorforms creation and Muppets memorabilia, and be sure and check out my regularly published Muppetology articles at, including this profile of Miss Piggy.

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