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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FrankenBerry Meets Frankenstein (Or At Least His Monster)

Welcome to the 2013 Countdown to Halloween blogathon! Regular readers are always welcome (thank you for being so faithful!) but I also hope that new visitors will find Tulgey Wood to be full of treats and only the best kind of tricks! To get things started, here is a salute to General Mills' Monster Cereals who as you can see from the nifty logo (and the badge at the far right) are the mascots for this year blogathon. FrankenBerry was of course a (very) cartoony version of the Frankenstein Monster—strawberry pink, (un)naturally, with a design as far away from Universal's famed version as possible to avoid any legal trouble (or licensing fees). Needless to say, the character spoke with an imitation of Boris Karloff's voice in the animated commercials (which began with the introduction of the FrankenBerry and Count Chocula cereals in 1971). Interestingly, FrankenBerry met up with Universal's classic Monster in an officially licensed cereal box-appearence from 1987. Enjoy this unique appearance of one of the Monster Cereal mascots below (as always, click on any image for a larger view), and be sure and stop by throughout October as we Countdown to Halloween here at Tulgey Wood.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Love Frankenberry! And I remember that limited edition box!