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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Countdown Begins...Tomorrow!

It starts tomorrow, October 1—The 2013 Countdown to Halloween blogathon! I had the pleasure of participating in this internet event last year and am glad to be aboard again. Go here to see all the participants—there are over 190 blogs shaking their chains and tossing out candy corn left and right, so be sure and stop by and check out their tricks and treats. (As always, be aware that some of these blogs sometimes use less-than-family language and content, dealing as they do with the truly "horrific" side of Halloween, so user discretion is advised.) And to welcome regular readers and new visitors alike to Tulgey Wood, here is a famous and beloved comic-book cover—from Carl Barks 1952 adaptation (Donald Duck, Issue 26) of Walt Disney's animated short, Trick or Treat. Though Unca Donald is less than forthcoming with his stash of treats (until he encounters some tricks from Witch Hazel), there will be someone here at Tulgey Wood to answer the door as you shout "Tricks or Treats!" (as Charlie Brown and his pals put it) and reward your clever costume with some candy (even if its Peeps leftover from Easter) all through October, right up through the 31st itself. I hope to have some fun visuals and info for you along the way, along with a few spooky surprises. Do come Countdown to Halloween with Tulgey Wood, but as Edward Van Sloan (who plays Dr. Waldman) intones in the "friendly word of warning" prelude to Frankenstein (1931), "I think it will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even horrify you." So don't say you weren't warned. The Countdown to Halloween begins tomorrow—stop by for some Halloween fun. 

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