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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween With Some Paul Hartley Art

We've reached the day itself—it's Halloween 2013! As one last treat for your goodie bag or plastic pumpkin, here's some mid-century artistry courtesy of Disney artist Paul Hartley. Paul was giving up Disney goodness for Disneyland projects at least through the early 1960s, but in the mid-1950s, he was also a contributor to Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Magazine. I don't have every issue of this periodical chock-ful of awesomeness, but I do have quite a few, including the Fall 1956 issue (Volume I, Number 4), from which this article emerged. Whatever you are doing this Halloween night, I hope you enjoy both this article and the art (click on the image for a bigger view)—and I also hope it's full of safe, spooky fun, frivolity and not too much (okay, maybe just a little too much) candy. This post marks the conclusion of the Countdown to the Halloween 2013 blogathon—it's my second annual participation and it was such fun to be part of it—remember to check out the other participants (over 200 of 'em!), too. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, especially those of you who wandered into this crazy corner of the internet for the first time—I hope you'll all come back throughout November for Mickey Mouse, the Muppets, some Thanksgiving goodness and more, and of course in December for the annual Tulgey Wood Christmas Extravaganza! But whatever the season, please visit often fort even more madness here in Tulgey Wood. Happy Halloween!

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Stacey Hartley said...

Thanks for acknowledging my father's work!