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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Here Komes That Krazy Kritter Kalled Kermit

Have you seen the "Muppetology" article on written by me about that beloved Muppet known as Kermit the Frog? It's all about the cool, green leader of the kooky Muppet clan, celebrated on screen both silver and small), in song and in much more than a smattering of memorabilia. Below is a wonderful example from the always-excellent "cartoon kits" produced by Colorforms. This set was first issued in 1980, the first year Colorforms had the Muppets license. As you enjoy this kool Kermit kit, why not hop on over to and read "Kermit's Shocking Transformation!" written by Jim Fanning...and look for more Muppetology from me on soon.

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