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Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Swell

For any Monster Kids and their friends of the 1960s who wanted to make their own monsters (or creatures or things), Mattel's Thingmakers sets were the very, well, thing. No set was more Halloween-orific than the Creeple Peeple set from 1965 by which miniature monster makers could make miniature monsters with a specially outfitted Thingmaker ("your own toy factory!"), some Plastigoop and your own pencils.  Take a gander at this pre-Christmas print ad (click on it for a larger view)—it gives a glimpse of the Halloween-type fun to be had making the Mattel brand of monster known as Creeple Peeple. (and while your at it, take a peek at the ever-popular Creepy Crawlers).

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