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Friday, October 26, 2012

Early One October Morning In 1985...

As I noted back here, the date of October 26 is writ large in Back to the Future lore for, according to the classic 1985 comedy-science-fiction-fantasy-action-adventure-suspense film (heck, it's almost a musical!), that was the day on which high-schooler Marty McFly (brilliantly played by Michael J. Fox) accidentally time-travelled to 1955. Marty did so of course by means of a DeLorean time machine and posted here as a Back to the Future treat are the schematics, as published in the movie's "Official Collector's Edition Souvenir Magazine." (Click on the image for a larger view.) Can this post really be considered a part of the of the Countdown to Halloween 2012 blog-a-thon? Given its sci-fi/fantasy elements and its very own "mad" scientist (Doc Brown, superbly played by Christopher Lloyd) and even its "horror" overtones (what's more horrific than watching yourself being erased from existence?), why not? At any rate enjoy, and be sure and come back for all the fun still to come for the Countdown to Halloween 2012 blog-a-thon. 

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