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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gruesomes! Meet The Gruesomes

To capitalize on the 1960s monster craze, especially as embodied by The Munsters and The Addams Family television shows, Hanna-Barbera added a monsters-next-door clan to The Flintstones. Introduced in the episode originally broadcast on November 12, 1964, this weird but friendly family, consisting of Weirdly and Creepella and son Goblin, also appeared in the Flintstones comic book, their first appearance being in issue #24 from 1964, the cover of which is seen below. Check back on October 31 for more monster fun, Flintstones-style. It's all part of the Countdown to Halloween 2012 blog-a-thon. 


Joe Torcivia said...

More Flintstones Monster Fun?

Am I sensing an appearance by the cover of FLINTSTONES # 33, “Meet Frankenstein and Dracula”?

How did they get away with using the REAL names, and not “close-sounding parody names”, I wonder?

Jim said...

Shh, Joe! You will give away the trick...and that won't be a treat! By the way, I am very honored you are following my blog. I have been recommending your excellent blog here on my blog for a long time (and have been a fan of yours for even longer). I only wish I could post as often as you do! Thanks for the comment... and yes I have always wondered the same thing about the names (AND the designs, at least where the Frankenstein monster is concerned)!

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you for the kind words, Jim!

Glad we’ve provided one another with some mutual enjoyment! You’ve got a great place here, too!

I say it often… A Blog is a harsh mistress! And, whenever possible, I try to keep my Blog-Beast fed with regular posts as often as life allows!

And, yeah… You can’t fool an old Gold Key fan like me! I knew that one was coming from the hints! :-) Looking forward to seeing it.

And, not “Rockula” and “Frankenstone”? …Really? Writer Vic Lockman sure got away with something there!