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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Princess, The Frog, and D23

The Winter 2009 issue of disney twenty-three magazine naturally has an in-depth cover story on The Princess and the Frog, Disney's triumphant return to hand-drawn animation. This fourth issue of the Magazine for the Official Community for Disney fans also features a Christmasy article about holiday celebrations by the Walt Disney Archives' Becky Cline and collaborator Graham Allan on holidays at Disneyland Park; a not-to-be missed visit to Walt's (and my) favorite restaurant, the Tam O'Shanter, also written by Becky; an excellent report on Walt Disney's Zorro by Paul F. Anderson (which includes many an awesome photo); and as always the historical column "A Walk With Walt," this time covering the early Silly Symphonies, written by Jim Fanning (that's me). It's still not too late to get a Charter Membership (including a subscription to disney twenty-three) for this first year of D23—head on over here (or here, if you want to buy a Membership as a gift) for more details.

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