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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Current Christmas Comics

Lest we think Christmas comic books are a thing that only the Ghost of Christmas Past would show us, here's a treat from the Ghost of Christmas Present: three 2009 comic books with a Yuletide theme. First of all from DC there's Batman: The Brave and the Bold # 12 featuring "The Fight Before Christmas," the cover of which (drawn by Eric Jones) manages top be festive and all wham-bang-zow at the same time. Also from DC comes DC Universe Holiday Special '09. This super-sized special features all manner of merry Christmas mayhem in stories starring everyone from Superman and Batman to Flash, Captain Marvel and Huntress, and boasts this wintery-fun cover by Dustin Nguyen. Then from the world of Archie, Betty nobly carries on the tradition of holiday-themed comics as Riverdale's girl-next-door braves the Battle of the Bulging department store bag in the cover (signed by Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith) Betty # 183.

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