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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Fun With The Disney Gang

"Summer Fun" was a warm-weather staple of the classic "funny animal" comics. This wraparound cover, by Jukka Murtosaari, is from June 1991. Part of the fun of this Summer Fun cover is the inclusion of such comic-book faves as Li'l Bad Wolf, Scamp and Super Goof. And it's perhaps a throwback to classic comics of yore that the setting combines a beach party (well, a swimming-hole party, anyhow) and a picnic party. Come on in, the comics are fine.

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scarecrow33 said...

This is a great cover, and a good tribute to the "Summer Fun" comics of yesteryear. I enjoy seeing the Disney characters cavorting together, considering that they rarely interacted in the interior stories but tended to keep to their own separate worlds. I particularly enjoy the interplay between Donald Duck and the Big Bad Wolf. Daisy's expression looks blissfully aloof.

I remember other "Summer Fun" comics from the road trips we used to take when I was a kid. One summer, my parents bought me "Woody Woodpecker's Summer Fun" which I read and re-read all during the trip. Another summer it was "Tom and Jerry's Summer Fun." These reading experiences actually enhanced the enjoyment of those extended family vacations for me.

The stories weren't always summer-themed or vacation-themed, but the books were delightful just the same. However, my absolute favorites were the ones that DID show the characters taking long road trips or other vacation-related stories. I loved the comics when the Disney characters went to Disneyland, or the Dennis the Menace travel specials--London, Paris, Hawaii, California, etc. There were also the Donald Duck Beach Party books, which I missed in their first Dell run but got in reprints in the Disney Digests.

Thanks for the great post, and for reviving such good memories.