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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Walt's Child Stars

Doesn't So Dear to My Heart just seem like a Thanksgiving kind of a movie? For you to enjoy as you prepare for the big day, here's the poster from the 1949 film's 1964 re-release featuring Bobby Driscoll. To discover more about Bobby and the rest of Walt's child stars, check out the newly posted article, written by me, on the Walt Disney Family Museum blog. You'll read about Hayley Mills, the Mouseketeers and of course Spin and Marty. Be sure and read "Childhood Personified: Walt's Child Stars"by Jim Fanning at the Walt Disney Family Museum's blog. And if you like the article, please leave a comment!


Pokey said...

You could of coruse mention his EARLIEST: Virginia Davis from the silent Ailce series, and who returned to voice Alxedander the boy-donkey in 1940's Pinnochio [gruesome, huh..?] and Margie Gay.

Jim said...

Thank you for reading/commenting, and for mentioning Virginia. I have a whole section on that first "Alice" in the article itself. (I didn't go into her later Disney contributions as those were all for animation and the article focuses on she was an adult then.) You can read the whole article at: