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Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday Morning Funnies

As those who watch the always-excellent TV program CBS News Sunday Morning know, May 3, 1934, marked the start of the comic-book, as the inaugural issue of the first regularly published comic book, Famous Funnies was published that day. In its report on this momentous anniversary, Sunday Morning featured some great photos of kids (and some adults) reading comics, including the two Disney comic issues (Pluto Four Color 509, October 1953, art by Dick Moores; and Donald Duck Four Color 300, art attributed to Carl Buettner) pictured here. Happy 75th anniversary of the comic book to everyone!

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Joe Torcivia said...

So, a Pluto and Donald Duck Four Color actually got onto TV? WOW!

Happy anniversary to the comic book! You’ve survived against all odds… the virtual disappearance of general newsstand distribution, declining comic shop sales, the Internet, video games, publisher mismanagement (Disney fans have experienced THAT a few times over the last 30 or so years!), abstract (or sloppy) art and convoluted continuities!

Long may your pages turn!

I seem to recall that, the year that Carl Barks died, that CBS Sunday Morning (whatever they called it then – it was with Charles Osgood) listed him among the luminaries who passed during the year – and showed panels of Uncle Scrooge and the Beagle Boys from Barks’ “Seven Cities of Cibola” story.