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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hanna-Barbera Rarities

Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26) sees the release of a DVD that's a treat for lovers of Hanna-Barbera: Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1960s Vol. 1. This DVD provides a grab-bag of fun H-B favorites including Top Cat, Atom Ant, The Flintstones and Quick Draw McGraw. (Many of these cartoons have already been released in "complete season/series" sets but this surprise package-type DVD is being released in an apparent attempt to attract viewers who would not buy the pricier "complete" sets of a given show or character.) Best of all for my money is the inclusion of two excellent H-B "super hero" adventures: The Herculoids and (my favorite) Frankenstein Jr. Neither of these series have been previously released on DVD, and the inclusion of a documentary on Franky (another great reason to get this set) indicates that perhaps a full set was planned and this compromise two-disc set was released instead. We Frankenstein Jr. fans will take what we can get! Now we just have to wait for Shazzan.

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Joe Torcivia said...

Got my sixties set today, and watched most of the non-double-dip material (Flintstones, Jetsons, Top Cat and Space Ghost appeared on previous sets) – excluding Marine Boy, which I still feel seems out of place in this package.

The package has its faults with print quality (but a disclaimer is offered to mitigate that), some double-dipping, and no complete content listing outside of the individual disc menus – but, overall, IT IS WORTH IT!

The Porky Pig Show has opening and closing credits AND INTERSTITALS! The Magilla Gorilla Show has opening and closing credits – making it not a “true” double dip, as the Magilla “Complete Series” did not have these credits included anywhere in the set.

It features other shows I never thought I’d see on DVD like Peter Potamus, Atom, Ant, Secret Squirrel, and Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles!

And, it sure made me long for complete sets of Quick Draw McGraw and The Herculoids!

…Maybe this’ll help pave the way!