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Monday, March 9, 2009

March Madness

March seems to be the month for madness (just ask the March Hare) and Tulgey Wood (where my motto is "A Method To My Madness") is the perfect place to celebrate all that madness marching our way. (Just to kick things off, here's the classic cover from the March 1944 issue of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, No. 42, drawn by Walt Kelly. ) This week The View (or as it's referred to by Marie Barone [Doris Roberts] on Everybody Loves Raymond, "the show with the five ladies") is broadcasting from the Disney Studios all this week. Amazingly, each day will feature a tour or an exploration of my haunting grounds, the Walt Disney Archives, including my friends Becky Cline (tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday), Rob Klein (Thursday) and Robert Tieman (Friday). Chief archivist head and Archives founder Dave Smith was on today's episode. In addition, Disney CEO Bob Iger will be on Wednesday to discuss a certain special project.

Tomorrow, March 10, brings the long-awaited Platinum Edition release of Walt Disney's Pinocchio. This animated masterpiece is finally getting the two-disc Platinum treatment, with loads of extras and bonuses, especially on the Blu-ray version. (I was lucky enough to write the Pinocchio trivia quiz and some of the pop-up on-screen fun facts [the ones about the making of the film] for this new edition.)

And of course tomorrow, March 10, brings the announcement of exactly what Disney's mysterious "Are you 23?" is all about. (The photo here was taken in the lobby of the Frank G. Wells Building on the Disney lot, and was originally posted on Go here tomorrow (or right now to have Tinker Bell bring up a countdown) for all the details.

Enjoy March, embrace the madness!

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