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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are You 23? Of Course You Are!

Today was D Day—D23 Day, that is. Disney CEO Bob Iger unveiled D23, the Official Community for Disney Fans at the Disney stockholders meeting. At the same time, the spectacular D23 website went live at 11:00 am PST, and a festive, party-like Event was held at the Disney Studios commissary (and at the neighboring ABC commissary), at which the flyer pictured here was distributed. Answering at last what's behind the mysterious "Are You 23?" campaign, the announcement of D23 reveals the "ultimate Disney experience" as a community allowing Disney fans an opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and feel part of the "magic." In addition to the website, which I highly recommend as having plenty of fascinating content (some of it written by me), the D23 experience includes a lavish quarterly magazine, Disney twenty-three, featuring rare images, exclusive content and richly-detailed articles (the Premier Issue of which includes two articles written by me). D23 got off to a strong start, as shortly after D23 was launched, reportedly crashed when it was inundated with fans wanting to sign up. I'll be posting about D23 on and off from now on. In the meantime, you can discover how to join D23 here.

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Tangaroa said...

Congratulations - I'm looking forward to the magazine. If they're looking for any extra writers.... :)