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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Happy Year

Founded in 1923, The Walt Disney Company celebrated its Golden Anniversary in 1973 (when it was called Walt Disney Productions) in a big way, and one of the happiest elements of its 50 Happy Years campaign was the logo created especially for the occasion. Seen on everything from movie ads and record albums to comic books and View Master sets, this delightful logo is now seen on my blog, for all to enjoy. Why run it now, you ask? Well, today is the first anniversary of Tulgey Wood, and since I don't have a logo for this momentous anniversary I thought I would appropriate (as usual) Disney art, while at the same time give you a chance to enjoy it. It's been a fun (and yes, Happy) year here at Tulgey Wood and though I've covered some subjects I wanted to—"Disneyland Showtime" and The Hallmark Hall of Fame, to name two—there's much more I haven't yet gotten to. So stay tuned for the next Happy Year. There's plenty more madness to come here at Tulgey Wood.


FCG said...

Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown!

You too Jim!

Brian Jay Jones said...

I'm a recent finder, convert, and fan, Jim -- and I'm glad to be here. Thanks for a fascinating blog.

I'll keep coming back -- and I'll bring friends.

Kevin Kidney said...

Well, happy anniversary! (Mine must be coming up, too.)
Seeing as it's the "paper" anniversary, I wish could give you a suitable gift... like a "Horsemasters" one-sheet, or somethin'.

Doug said...

A very happy "unbirthday" to you - time sure flies when you hang out in Tulgey Wood!