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Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Bang Is Back In Business

Faithful readers of this blog (far more faithful are they than the blogger himself) know of my fondness for the CBS comedy, The Big Bang Theory. Well, the big, bang-up news is this wittily written, sharply acted series returns tonight with new episodes. CBS has certainly stood behind the show—throughout the writer’s strike and then throughout the summer, the Tiffany Network (as CBS used to be known when it was the classiest—and most successful—of the networks) ran the show almost every single Monday, endlessly rerunning the 17 episodes produced when the writer’s strike prevented a full 22 episode season from being completed. I’m sure one reason the network has stood behind this modestly-rated series is that it appeals to the elusive younger demographic the networks find so desirable, but I also like to think it’s because the show is so darn good. I’ve posted Entertainment Weekly’s review of the show’s second season return here, but you'll want to catch the actual return of Geek chic to tonight on CBS.


FCG said...

They called Leonard the"King Nerd?" I don't know about that! I'd say Howard is the "Nerdiest" of the group. He's the one most likely to do nerdy things like rant about reviews of his favorite tv shows online...oh. Hurm. Good to see you back, Jim!

doug said...

I thought tonight's episode was pretty weak - especially for a season premiere. Hopefully it will pick up next week.