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Friday, July 4, 2008

Sons (And Daughters) Of Liberty

In honor of Independence Day, here's the cover of the June 1957 issue of Walt Disney's Magazine spotlighting Walt's Revolutionary War-themed live-action feature, Johnny Tremain. The beautiful photograph by Roger Davidson spotlights the two leads, Hal Stalmaster (who starred as young Mr. Tremain) and Luana Patten. Luana was of course the very talented and appealing Disney child star of the 1940s, starring opposite Bobby Driscoll in such classics as Song of the South (1946). In the mid-1950s Luana made something of a comeback in such films as Rock, Pretty Baby (1956), starring Sal Mineo, and of course Johnny Tremain, which marked Miss Patten's return to the Disney fold. "During my first few days on Johnny Tremain," said Luana in an interview in which she described the warm welcome she received upon her return to the Disney Studio, "people kept coming up to me, shaking my hand and telling me about incidents that happened to me as a youngster. It really gave me a warm feeling to know that so many remembered me." As an extra element of this story of the close-knit Disney "family," Johnny Tremain also features Walt Disney's daughter, Sharon, in a small role—and who according to Luana, was a friend with Miss Patten when both girls were young children who found occasion to be at the Disney Studios.


Kevin Kidney said...

I love Johnny Tremain and I've always found the songs in the film to be especially catchy and unforgettable. Really, I can't tell you how often I suddenly realize that I've been humming the "Sons of Liberty" - usually in the grocery store or somewhere. For some people it's the "Small World" tune that sticks, but for me it's "Oh we are the sons, yes we are the sons, the sons of Lipton Tea, er, uh, Liberty!"
Recently I was visiting WDW and made a special point to stop and admire the Liberty Tree with all its lanterns glowing in the evening. It's one of my favorite details in the Magic Kingdom .

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tremain is terrific on dvd. Hal is good as Johnny and we all love Luana Patten! Sharon's 2 quick scenes are neat, she has a beautiful close up, and also 1 line, delivered like the California girl she was.
It's a very entertaining film, Sebastian Cabot is quite good as Jonathan Lyte.
You should also mention the effective matte painting work by Peter Ellenshaw.
To Kevin^^^
I have your Tiki Baby and set 2 of the Tiki Gods all around me as I work on my computer, you and Jody are treasures, thanks for sharing your art with us.

Centaurette said...

"Johnny Tremain" is right up there with "1776" on the list of July 4th favorites!
Luana Patten also made another brief Disney "comeback" playing the bride of grown up "Whitey" (young Kurt Russell's character) in "Follow Me, Boys!" (1966).
Those Mickey Mouse Club / Walt Disney's Magazine photos are always a treat; beautiful color, classy poses, and a window on a world we always want to visit!