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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mad Madam Mim Meets the Blot

Here are two spooky Disney characters for the price (12 cents??) of one! In 1964 Mickey Mouse's mysterious night-shrouded nemesis, the Phantom Blot (first introduced in Floyd Gottfredson's masterful Mickey Mouse comic strip in 1939) was given his own comic book, so it was just a matter of time before he met up with Madam Mim. This wild and wacky witch was introduced in Walt Disney's The Sword in the Stone (1963), and Mim quickly became a Disney comic book star. The kooky sorceress's over-the-top enthusiasm for anything bad made her a fun character, and in this October 1965 issue of The Phantom Blot (written by animation and comic book veteran Bob Ogle) she falls head over broomstick for the Blot. To Mim, the night-stalking criminal is tall, dark (obviously) and very bad, which is good as far as the mad madam is concerned. Mickey comic book master Paul Murry drew this cover, as well as the book-length story inside. Want more Madam Mim? Check back later in October and you just might find her popping up for more Halloween fun.

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Marioman19 said...

Ha. XD

I find it much more odd, however that he ended up going toe to toe with Popeye once.