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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Fun with Uncle Scrooge

As you can see from this mirthful cover, there’s spooky, Halloween-type fun to be had in the October 2007 issue of Uncle Scrooge. The cover is by the Italian Disney comics artist Giorgio Cavazzano, who also drew the lead story. I’ve long been an admirer of Mr. Cavazzano’s art—it’s both pleasing and cartoony with a style of its own, without being off-model or too twisted. Both the cover and the 33-page story feature the rarely seen (in the United States, at least) comic book character, Brigitta MacBridge, an overbearing gold-digger who insists she is Scrooge’s girlfriend—and since that threatens the fortune of the world’s richest duck, Brigitta scares Uncle Scrooge more than any ghost or goblin ever could! If you would like to add Uncle Scrooge No. 370 to your stash you can get it here .

1 comment:

David Gerstein said...

Hey Jim!

Glad you liked our Halloween issue of UNCLE SCROOGE... though I'm a little more sympathetic to Brigitta MacBridge than you are. (I think it's less that she's a real gold-digger than that Scrooge simply assumes she is.)
We don't get enough online reviews, so it was a blast reading yours; hope you like our WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES and other titles, too.
And hey! Cavazzano will be back in the upcoming UNCLE SCROOGE 373, this time paired with his longtime accomplice Romano Scarpa...