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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Epcot At 35: That Krazy Koo-Koo Kitchen Kabaret

One of the original attractions in Epcot® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort on its Opening Day, October 1, 1982, Kitchen Kabaret was an Audio-Animatronics® show—there were 25 characters in all, making up “the most unusual cast of incredible edibles this side of the refrigerator"—at The Land. Does this well-remembered attraction (it closed in 1994) fit in with our Countdown to Halloween 2017? Just take a look at the mutant monsters on the cover of Disney News magazine, Winter 1985.  Actually, this is the Colander Combo and Fiesta Fruit combo. Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit, anyone? 



scarecrow33 said...

I found this show charming and delightful when I saw it in October '92. I heard others making comments not so favorable, but I liked it. I went to The Land Pavilion early in the day because in those days they served breakfast in the revolving restaurant (including whole wheat Mickey Mouse pancakes) and while I was enjoying my breakfast I was watching the boats go by underneath. So after that I headed for the boat ride and while on that I discovered there was also a foot tour of the agricultural operations, which I did next. Then it was the Kitchen Kabaret and a wide screen movie on the environment. By the time I left The Land it was nearly 2 PM and I had spent the entire first part of the day there! In my book the Kitchen Kabaret is a Klassic!

Jim said...

Thank you for your comment, Scarecrow, and for your memories Epcot '92. and your insight into this Klassic attraction. I am glad to hear it's one of your favorites. It's one of mine too! My remarks about the cast being "monsters" was all in fun and was said affectionately. I would love to see this attraction brought back. It was very unique and very "Epcot." Thanks again for your comment, and for reading my blog!