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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Donald And Kin Kick Off The Countdown To Halloween 2015

Welcome to the Countdown to Halloween 2015 blogathon! To regular visitors—we're always glad to see you knocking on our door, even if you don't have a costume. To new visitors—I hope you find Tulgey Wood to be full of delicious treats, just a few deliciously spooky tricks, and only the best kind of candy! To kick things off here's a classic Halloween cover from Walt Disney Comics Digest, Issue 4, October 1968. Drawn by veteran Duck artist Tony Strobl, Donald and his quacky kin pop out of a carved-up pumpkin to usher in October. Huey, Dewey and Louie are the only Duck family members who seem to be evidencing any Halloween-worthy behavior: one nephew has a slingshot, representing, I guess, spook night mischief; one is popping out in a scary manner; and the other is putting on cat mask. (Coincidentally--or is it?--I selected a cat mask as the Countdown to Halloween blogathon badge for 2015.) I hope this Disney pumpkin adds a touch of spice to October 1st for you—and also inspires you to come back every day this month as Tulgey Wood participates for the fourth consecutive year in this spooky-season blogathon.  Be sure and check out other participating blogs —over 200 as of this writing, including Tulgey Wood—who are "crypt keepers" in this year blogathon.These are the wickedly decorated houses giving out the best treats this year. And as you are having all kinds of Halloween fun all month, visiting the varied "crypt keepers" is also a great way to discover new blogs you will enjoy visiting all year long. Each year I have found new favorites through Countdown to Halloween—a number of them have been added to the blogroll at the right. And be sure and stop by throughout the month right through October 31st itself as we Countdown to Halloween here at Tulgey Wood.


top_cat_james said...

Mom! Mom! Buy me this! It has "Mr. Retailer" comics inside!

[Arrives home and flips through digest] WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Erick said...

I don't see your cat badge. :)

Jim said...

Top Cat, I'm sure if they existed, the "Mr. Retailer" comics would have outdone Captain Nemo in adventure and fun.. I want the display rack that undoubtedly was sent to any "Mr. Retailer" who signed up for the program! Erik, I'm glad someone is paying attention! The cat badge should be up before too long.