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Monday, September 29, 2014

Spider-Man...or Spider-MONSTER??

When I think of Aurora I think of the classic Universal Monsters, but as you know (from this and this, if nothing else), that outstanding model-kit creating company issued some super comic-book inspired kits. Below is the box for the 1966 plastic personification of the spectacular Peter Parker capturing Kraven the Hunter in his web. No question, the Aurora models were sold on the strength of their box art and for the comic book super heroes, the company signed on top comic artists to create the cover illustrations. The Spider-Man art was drawn by Neal Adams, well-known at the time for his DC art but he well captures this Marvel character (and would go on to draw for Marvel as well). Great as it is, this superhero model is no monster—or is it? After all, Peter Parker is transformed into a human spider through the bite of a radioactive spider. If that doesn't sound like a horror movie, what does? And certainly J. Jonah Jameson thinks Spidey is a monster or at least a criminal. Want more monsters? Be sure and stop by Tulgey Wood in October for our annual Halloween celebration. It's all part of the Countdown to Halloween 2014 blogathon, starting on October 1. 'Nuff Said! 

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