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Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's A 3D Christmas!

Back here I promised a "Christmas in 3D" celebration this December here in Tulgey Wood—and though time and some technical problems may prevent it from being all that I hoped, I think it will still be lots of fun. To get things started, here's a 1952 Christmas ad for "Full Color Picture Stories in Three Dimensions."  That's right, it's View-Master, the Christmas "Present with the Fun-Filled Future." Indeed, the classic View-Master sets including many Disney sets, as well as other TV and movie titles, were sold for decades—and in fact, to the surprise of many, View-Master sets are still created and sold today. According to the wonderful art in this vintage holiday print ad (click on the image for a larger view), gazing at a View-Master "stereo" scene is such a fascinating experience even Santa turns selfish, as the formerly jolly old elf reuses to let a little boy play with his own present. The advertisement also slyly makes the point that View-Master sets are not just for kids; in fact, View-Master was originally created for and marketed to the grown photography enthusiast (even though today, as you can see at the link above), today it is pitched at pre-schoolers. Such is the 3D joy of the View-Master, all part of our Christmas in 3D here in Tulgey Wood. Check back  for more three-dimensional decking-the-halls throughout December. 

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