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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Mickey Mouse Comics Today!

Today is May 7, 2011, Free Comic Book Day, and one of the no-cost-to-you goodies is a Mickey Mouse comic book from Fantagraphics Publishing. Fantagraphics is of course the publisher of many primo comic strip collections, and upcoming is one of the most eagerly awaited: Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson, Voulme One. The comic-book is a preview of sorts, featuring as it does one of Gottfredson's great Mickey newspaper comic-strip stories, Mickey Mouse and Pluto the Racer (though this 1935 story won't be in Volume One). Check out the preview or better yet visit a comic-book shop today and get a free copy of your own. There's also much more than Mickey—from Archie and the Green Lantern to John Stanley and Darkwing Duck, there's a comic book for everyone, and it's all FREE on Free Comic Book Day. So head on over to your local comics shop (bring a friend or relative, especially a young one who may not have been exposed to the joy of comics) and grab yourself some free Gottfredson.

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ramapith said...

Thanks for the promo, Jim!

I'm thrilled you like our Gottfredson reprints (...but then, I'm enjoying the articles you've been doing on Walt's early days for D23, so I think we're even).