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Saturday, January 1, 2011


We're celebrating this first day of the New Year here at Tulgey Wood in style with the very first issue of Disney's flagship comic book Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. Issue Number 1 was published in October 1940, and what was inside? In addition to the latest episode of Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse comic strip reprint serial "Mickey Meets Robinson Crusoe" (originally published in newspapers in 1938 and 1939, and started serially in Walt Disney's Comics' predecssor Mickey Mouse Magazine), there were reprints of Al Taliaferro and Bob Karp's Donald Duck newspaper comic strip, "stories" about the Silly Symphonies The Robber Kitten and Water Babies, puzzles, riddles and even "Mickey's Hints" about such matters as table manners. The cover with that mischievous Duck giving a sly wink as he opened up the "Opening Number" might be an indication Donald knew he had not only taken over for Mickey on the cover of Mickey Mouse Magazine (Donald was on the last four Mickey Mouse covers of that Magazine, of which the new comic book was a continuation) but would also appear on almost every Walt Disney's Comics cover from 1940 through today (although in recent months Mickey has been spotlighted on the cover). On the back cover was a list of winners for the drawing contest from the July issue of Mickey Mouse Magazine, another indication that Walt Disney's Comics is a continuation of Mickey's mag. After you enjoy this primo Disney art (attributed to premier Disney artist Hank Porter), check out my online article about Walt Disney's Comics and Stories at the (free) D23 website. The 1st issue of the number 1 best selling comic book in history just seemed appropriate for 1/1/11—stop by for more about Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in the following days.

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