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Friday, September 25, 2009

Strummin' Sherman Songs

One of the best presentations at the spectacular D23 Expo (September 10-13, 2009) was the screening of the new documentary about the Sherman Brothers, The Boys. Congenial host, Disney historian and friend-of-the-Shermans Tim O'Day welcomed the film’s directors Jeff and Greg Sherman (the Sherman Cousins) and the great Richard M. Sherman himself, who played songs and told stories as only he can, which is to say in a most delightful way. Also on hand were two accomplished guitarists from the new Poppin' Guitars: A Tuneful of Sherman album: Laurence Juber who treated us to a lively cover of “A Spoonful of Sugar” and Doug Smith, who played a haunting rendition of “Feed the Birds.” Produced by my friends Bernadette Bowman and James Jensen, this unique and highly recommended recording (click on the above image for more info) presents favorite Sherman songs played in the undiluted beauty of the acoustic guitar. These wonderful and “pure” performances bring out the simple (but never simplistic) beauty of these beloved melodies; it’s almost as if one had never heard them before. You can get your own copy (complete with a companion DVD) at

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Bernadette B said...

We hope that everyone will give this wonderful album as this year's "must-have" stocking stuffer! It's as magical as the holiday season....and Jim, thank you so much for this lovely review.