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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

06.09.09: It's Donald's Day!

Today's the day—June 9, 2009, Donald Duck's 75th anniversary— and you'll find plenty of Ducky ways to celebrate over at the D23 website, including a celebration of Donald's enduring superstardom written by me. Be sure and read "Donald Duck, Superstar!" by Jim Fanning at the D23 website, and find out some light-as-a-duck's-feather fun facts about the world's favorite (and most foul-tempered) fowl.


Tim Susanin said...

Jim, I don't have a comment about this article, but wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your D23 article about Walt's early LA years, and to ask you about the move date, from Kingswell to Hyperion, that you provide (February 8, 1926). I had always read that the move was in mid to late February. Can you share the source for your info in this regard? Thanks, Tim Susanin

Tim Susanin said...

P.S. I forgot to leave my email address, Jim! It's

Thanks again,

Tim Susanin