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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Golden Christmas

Many a charming Christmas tale has been told in the pages of Little Golden Books over the years, and one of my all-time favorites is the heartwarming Christmas in the Country. Published in 1950, this timeless story overflows with nostalgic art by Retta Scott Worcester. Renowned as the first full-fledged female Disney animator for her work on such classics as Dumbo and Bambi, Retta also contributed beautifully stylized illustrations to several Golden publications, including various editions of Walt Disney's Cinderella and Happy Birthday (1952). Here's the entrancing cover of this gold-standard Golden Book, a little volume all the more precious to me as it was a Christmas gift from my friend and a "golden" award-winning artist (Disney and otherwise) in his own right, Michael Giaimo. (Thanks, Mike!) One look at this utterly appealing cover and one can't help feel a little more Christmasy.

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Centaurette said...

What a thrill to find that this great Little Golden Book has a following! Retta Scott Worcester's playful color use and love for abundant decoration make Christmas In The Country a perrenial joy. In fact, it is a staple of our holiday home d├ęcor, as are the LGBs of Once Upon A Wintertime (with its great Tom Oreb art!), Donald Duck and Santa Claus and of course, Santa's Toy Shop, both Al Dempster classics! As we learned in Auntie Mame, "Books are so decorative!" ;-)