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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s House of Secrets

As already pointed out by fellow Big Bang Theory fan Ed Squair at his blog, the genius physicist and geeky social misfit Sheldon (Jim Parsons) feeds his need for new and classic comic books at the same comic book shop that I and many of my friends attend, House of Secrets, right here in beautiful downtown Burbank. (The Big Bang Theory is set in Pasadena so it’s plausible that Sheldon and his fellow genius-physicist-geek Leonard [Johnny Galecki] might buy their comics in Burbank. Or it could simply be that House of Secrets happens to be located near Warner Bros. where the show is shot.) But how do we know that Sheldon goes to House of Secrets? Because he has two pieces of specially commissioned House of Secrets artwork by the artist Ragnar framed on his bedroom wall, as you can see in this image from the episode “The Pancake Batter Anomaly,” originally broadcast on March 31, 2008. (If you have not seen the episode you may wonder what exactly is happening, as it looks as if Sheldon is dead... or as if something entirely different is going on. In fact, Sheldon has the flu and his neighbor, the non-genius/non-geek Penny (Kelly Cuoco) is reluctantly caring for him.) The vintage comic books also seen in Sheldon’s room and framed on the wall were also purchased at House of Secrets. You can see more Ragnar art at the House of Secrets website. You can also see photos of the shop itself (including the one shown here) and imagine Sheldon or Leonard—or me—shopping for some primo comics.

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FCG said...

Can't see too much of Big Bang Theory OR House of Secrets, Jim! I'll also point out Sheldon's shelf sports the "DC" version of the Marvel Essential books I talk about here:

Warner Brothers is, of course, "related" to DC, so we're not likely to see Marvel books on the set.

Is it too geeky if I notice I bought some of the same books as Sheldon from the same store the show used?