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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tune In Tomorrow (Broadway On The Radio)

What other FM radio show can you think of that not only plays Broadway music but also opens with Kaye Ballard singing “My Son the Druggist” from So Long, 174th Street? That’s exactly how a recent broadcast of the Thursday night radio program, Two On The Dial with Peter and Miriam started. That same recent episode also featured such enjoyable oddities as the Doodle Town Pipers singing “Never My Love” (produced by Snuff Garrett) and a selection from Wicked performed in German. (By the way, the hosts also play plenty of “mainstream” Broadway hits, such as the original Sweeney Todd (pictured above), Hello, Dolly!, and movie musicals too.) Though this is an LA-local broadcast (Northridge, actually), thanks to the Internet, you can listen to this unusual and freewheeling celebration of musical theatre wherever in the world you are. (Unfortunately the show is not archived so you have to log on as the show is actually being broadcast in California—but Two On The Dial is worth any lost sleep involved.) When the hosts say this “Broadway our way,” they ain’t just whistling “I Whistle A Happy Tune." Recent performers have included Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, Ruth Etting, Louis Armstrong, and Mama Cass singing with her pre-Mamas and the Papas group, The Big 3. And then there’s the final hour of this three-hour extravaganza. Called "Curtain Up," this segment features an entire cast album. Last week’s selection was the brand-new original cast recording of The Little Mermaid, while other recent albums have included the Sweeney Todd soundtrack (played on the show before the movie opened or the CD was released), and the new edition of Forbidden Broadway (the highlight: “Don’t Monkey with Broadway,” supposedly sung by the Winged Monkeys from Wicked). What Broadway gems and buried treasure will Peter and Miriam spotlight this Thursday? Tune into at 9:00 pm (Pacific time) and discover Broadway musical mayhem.

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