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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From the Peanuts Gallery: Crybaby Boobie

One aspect of the Peanuts comic strip I absolutely love is the varied cast of sharply drawn (in personality as well as pen-and-ink) characters Charles M. Schulz introduced into his magnum opus. From the more obscure side of Schulz’s comic panel “stage” one of my favorites is the constantly complaining tennis player, Crybaby Boobie, introduced into the strip in 1978 at the height of Snoopy’s tennis mania. Even the name of this whiny Wimbledon wannabe makes me laugh, but the fact that Schulz drew her with a perpetually upturned nose and downturned open mouth is a priceless touch. Crybaby Boobie’s unsportsmanlike behavior gives even bad sports a bad name. Could it be that because Charlie Brown was such a “bad” loser, Schulz felt it was only good form to introduce a sore loser in the form of this hilariously histrionic athlete?

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